Water & Analytics – 2014

Our industry never ceases to amaze in terms of the pace at which change occurs.

We have seen incredible changes in treatment technology and processes as we strive to continue to reduce the risk in our drinking water systems and eliminate contaminants being introduced into streams and lakes from our wastewater treatment plants.  Over the last number of years we have also seen new technology introduced that puts data into our hands instantly that used to take a tremendous amount of time to collect and present.  As we move forward the words ‘big data’ and ‘analytics’ are being used on a regular basis.  Terms that describe how we are going to take the incredible amount of data that we can gather, how we will analyze it and ultimately how we will put the information that is created into the hands of the right people at the right time to make the best informed decisions they can.  What does 2014 hold in store for our industry – at least on the technology side of things?  We can expect more change, more ‘new technology toys’ that our team will be looking at to see how they align with our partners business requirements and thus how we can leverage new technology to benefit the water industry in the years ahead. 

Our team is pleased to be involved in a number of initiatives that we believe will serve the water industry as we move forward including H2.O (, the Water Cluster at Innovation Guelph, continued involvement in AWWA/WEF/ISA, and the ongoing evolution of our reporting and information system (

We are starting 2014 excited about what lies ahead – change no doubt – but also the opportunity to work with our partners to find solutions to their business requirements including solutions in the areas of reporting, analytics, information technology, automation, power systems, and alarm management.

And through it all some things do not change – our desire to work with our partners to find appropriate solutions, our commitment to not only doing the job but doing it so that we can all be proud of the outcome, and our unwavering commitment to our core values of fun, initiative, technical excellence and trust.

We look forward to 2014 and wish everyone all the best for the year ahead. domain seo . Harmbetcockmirea