Terepac Corporation and Eramosa Engineering Announce Agreements to Give Voice and Visibility to the World

Sept. 20, 2016

Waterloo and Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Waterloo-based Terepac Corporation and Guelph-based Eramosa Engineering Inc. today announced the signing of joint service and licensing agreements to provide joint services and for Terepac to acquire certain property rights pertaining to its ONE Machine and ONE Water solution. The agreements are to go into effect immediately.

“Terepac is very pleased to be working with Eramosa Engineering” stated Terepac CEO Ric Asselstine. “Eramosa’s subject matter expertise coupled with their solution suite’s capabilities to extend into all the verticals we are currently and expecting to work in make for an ideal relationship.”

“We view this as a great opportunity for Eramosa as we extend our reach into the Internet of Things, said Eramosa President, Tim Sutherns. “We saw where Terepac’s unique end to end solutions would be a perfect fit with what we are doing and an ideal way for Eramosa to better service our existing customer base. By teaming up with Terepac we are giving voice and visibility to the world.”

This partnership continues Terepac’s aggregate, integrate and scale strategy as it delivers trusted end-to-end IoT solutions at home, at work and at play to unvoiced or under-voiced assets. From fire hydrants to pumping stations, cars to conveyor belts, whether through elevated data immutability through its Data Reliance as a Service (DRaaS) offering, or trusted object-to-object transactions via the Terepac Blockchain, the aim is to increase efficiencies, optimize processes and help sustain the planet.

About Terepac Corporation:  Terepac Corporation is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company. From the silicon to the app, Terepac instruments objects – gives them an electronic voice – networks them, manages and secures the data, and performs the data visualization, analytics, object socialization and block chain functions. From “off the shelf” to fully customized solutions, Terepac ushers clients into the value-unleashing forward movement of this digital, connected and trustbased age. Terepac Corporation…giving voice to the world®. 
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About Eramosa Engineering:  Eramosa is a consulting engineering firm specializing in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, along with automation, process control, system integration, instrumentation and control, and electrical services. The company is a leading SCADA systems provider within several key markets including water, wastewater, solar and wind. We also offer networking, programming, information technology for our customers.

Eramosa is an industry leader in managing big data for utilities and industry with our e.RIS reporting and information software. Our SMART Utilities initiative helps our partners improve facility performance in the most cost-efficient manner. For more information, please visit

Media contacts:

Terepac Corporation:
Ric Asselstine
phone: 519-575-1819

Eramosa Engineering:
Tim J. Sutherns President
mobile: 416.528.4796
phone: 519.763.7774, x223

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