Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a key component in the delivery of projects for our clients who are interested in reviewing their projects to achieve maximum value. As trained value specialists we are able to  participate on value engineering teams as specialists in electrical, instrumentation & control, and SCADA system engineering, or provide facilitation services.

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Our value specialists are members of SAVE International and have been trained not only in the facilitation of value engineering assignments, but also as participants as part of multi-discipline teams on large scale projects. Our team has been involved in traditional value engineering assignments at the conceptual and preliminary design stages of projects, as well as in constructability reviews throughout the detailed design phase of a project. In addition to design projects, our team has participated in workshops designed to assist our clients in determining the highest value activities to pursue as an organization. We are ready to assist you, whether in a small group setting, or as part of a larger team to create maximum value for your projects.

Eramosa Engineering can provide the following to our clients as part of our Value Engineering services.

As trained value specialists our team is able to provide facilitation of a value engineering assignment of multi-disciplined teams using the six phases of the Value Methodology process: Information Gathering – Functional Analysis – Creative (Idea Generation) – Evaluation – Development – Presentation.

Value Engineering.
Our team of professionals in the areas of electrical, instrumentation & control, SCADA engineering, and Information Technology are available to join a multi-disciplined team on a value engineering project, or to be part of a specialized team that you may require to review a specific project or component of a project.

Constructability Review.
When a design is in process or nearing completion for tender our team can assist you with a review of the design to determine the ‘constructability’ of the project. This review is intended to determine how or whether a contractor could construct the project as detailed in the contract documents or if there is information that is missing that could lead to significant extras during the construction phase of the project.

Value Analysis.
There are times when our clients want to conduct a review of how they operate their business or how they might operate going forward. Our team is able to assist our clients using the VM process to complete a value analysis with respect to their use of technology, operations, or business processes.

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