Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
SCADA systems continue to be a critical component of all municipal water and wastewater systems as regulatory requirements increase and our clients are asked to manage more assets.

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What began as a ‘Supervisory Control’ system has taken on new meaning with the current Ontario Regulations for data collection or ‘Data Acquisition’ at water facilities. These new requirements have increased the need to engineer solutions that leverage technology to provide timely control and monitoring, alarming and data collection from the distributed facilities in a distribution or collection system. Our team has engineered numerous solutions for municipalities, including small scale systems as well as Regionwide SCADA solutions to provide operations with the information they need to minimize risk and improve system performance.

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Eramosa Engineering can provide the following services to our clients as part of our SCADA system engineering program.

Our team of experts can provide design services for small and large-scale SCADA systems using the latest technology.  Whether using a wireless or land-line based network, PLC/RPU, local operator interface, or full SCADA system we have the design experience to provide you with a state-of-the-art solution.

As licensed integrators for the major SCADA system vendors, our team is fully trained and skilled at ensuring your system can provide you with all of the functionality you need today with room to grow into the future.  We provide complete programming services at the PLC/RPU and SCADA software levels, thus allowing us to work with your operations team to provide the control and data collection you require.

With our team of specialists we are available for start-up and commissioning  of the system, whether we have developed the software, or are part of the team overseeing a third-party implementation.  We can provide software review (FAT/SAT/start-up) services, as well as I/O checkout, performance review after installation, and complete documentation services to our clients.

Turnkey Solutions.
We have a number of contracting partners that we have successfully worked with to provide turnkey solutions, in addition to working with contractors our clients know and trust to provide a fully functional solution.

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