Information Management

Effective Information Management relies on the three principles of repeatable and reliable data providing a “single source of the truth”, timely customizable reporting, and secure data. The application of these principles provides the ability to effectively manage the utility.

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Operational Data Management and Reporting
Eramosa Engineering Inc. (EEI) focuses on three key principles in delivering Operational Data Management Systems (ODMS).

Repeatable and reliable data
Data collection strategies must emphasize the need to validate data and ensure that data collection rates and methods balance the needs of the owner’s requirements to understand and operate the system effectively with the need to demonstrate to the  regulator(s) that the system is being run safely and securely. Cutting through information overload to effectively deliver meaningful data, EEI’s unique data validation approach will provide the confidence needed in the data, ensuring that there is a “single source of the truth”, to develop reports that allow you to make key operational decisions.

Timely, customizable reporting
The days of requesting a customized report that takes a week or two to deliver, is yesterday’s news. Mobile computing and the ability to design and produce focussed, tailored reports that you need to truly investigate a serious operational issue will save your operation’s resources for more critical needs.

Secure data
Developing the tools that open up access to your data must be carefully implemented to avoid unwanted incursions into your system. EEI will work with your corporate IT group to deliver secure data management solutions which do not restrict your flexibility in developing customized reporting.

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