Enterprise Integration and Operational Efficiency

As specialists in the SCADA and data integration field, Eramosa works with your process team and partners to develop and deliver the information needed for the implementation and support of smart water network and real time control systems.

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As your operational data management system (ODMS) and on-line instrumentation and control devices become reliable and trusted, significant leaps in operational efficiency and effectiveness can be realized.

Smart Water Networks (SWAN)
Smart water networks can begin to review real-time operational data to improve operations with respect to any number of desired results, for example;

  • System-wide energy optimization and the optimum use of water storage capacity and off-peak production and pumping techniques
  • Water quality and age, perhaps in an effort to;
    • Reduce customer complaints
    • Address a specific water quality issue
    • Manage source blending issues
    • Synchronized water flushing programs for best results
    • Optimized chemical consumption
  • Water loss control
  • Water efficiency management
  • Disinfection calculation software

Real-Time Control (RTC)
Real-time control can be implemented to optimize treatment capacity and mitigate combined flow events through the;

  • Optimized and safe use of collection system storage and flow control equipment
  • Identification of the most beneficial location for overflow storage and pumping
  • Minimize the impact of peak flow events while safely operating the collection system

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