Business Practice Synchronization

With an integrated operational data management system (ODMS) in place, the enterprise has an opportunity to realize significant inter-departmental operational efficiencies and take on a true enterprise perspective.

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Providing a single, reliable operational data source to the various business units allows decision making at all levels within the organization to be integrated knowing that it is a single set of data upon which decisions are being made. Further, business units that rely on operational data are able to access and customize this information to operate more effectively within the overall enterprise.

Streamlined Maintenance.
Linking operational data with the maintenance management system, and financial software packages enables utility managers to leverage powerful reporting capabilities to truly harness the benefits of preventative and predictive maintenance programs. When combined with mobile computing, the work request/work order process can be further streamlined and automated by providing real-time mobile access to; work request initiation, work orders, record documentation such as drawings and reports, maintenance bulletins, standardized maintenance procedures and material pick-lists, and the ability for managers to ensure that documentation has been updated after an internal or external service call.

Record Information.
Incorporating and automating the tracking of record keeping through maintenance and internal improvement projects, allows the facility’s engineering and design groups a level of confidence in the quality of the starting point information for a project.

Asset Management.
Asset management and capital planning can be enhanced by linking run-time and maintenance history information into asset value prediction and replacement forecasting.

Performance Management.
Performance management staff have real-time access to review maintenance records and operational logs to ensure that the devices reporting mission critical data are reporting reliably and accurately.

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