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Eramosa recently completed the Tri-County SCADA upgrades under an engineering and construction assignment for OCWA Engineering. The Tri-County includes the Municipality of West Elgin, the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex and the Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich. The Tri-County water distribution system includes eight (8) valve chambers, three (3) standpipes two (2) elevated tanks and one (1) reservoir and pumping station. The project included the design and installation of a new 2.4GHz IP based high speed radio SCADA network to replace the existing dial-up system and the design and installation of new Allen-Bradley PLC controllers to replace the existing Bristol Babcock Network 3000 controllers which had become obsolete.  Eramosa worked with a local telecommunications company for the installation, testing and commissioning of the new wireless SCADA network. The new network greatly increased the update times and throughput as compared to the old dial-up network.

Eramosa worked with a local electrical company which completed the Bristol removals, installation of the Allen-Bradley PLCs and associated panel work and provided assistance in commissioning and start-up of the facilities.  Eramosa provided all PLC and FactoryTalk SCADA programming services and development of new distribution reports.  All SCADA monitoring, control and alarming is provided form the new West Elgin Water Treatment Plant, operated by OCWA Operations. Treated water is provided to the Tri-County distribution system form the new West Elgin Water Treatment Plant, which was recently completed. Eramosa was responsible for the plant PLC program development, FactoryTalk SCADA application development and integration with the PALL membrane vendor PLC and Trojan UV vendor PLC as a subcontractor to Stonetown construction.