York Region – Water & Wastewater SCADA Master Plan

York Region

Water & Wastewater SCADA Master Plan

Eramosa was retained by York Region to develop a SCADA System Master Plan for the Region’s water and wastewater facilities that captured capital planning, upgrades and expenditures for the next 10 years. The Region’s first and only SCADA Master Plan (SMP) was developed in 2005 (also by Eramosa) and with the recommendations from the first SMP complete it was time for the Region to plan for the next 10 years.

80 technical recommendations

10 year plan

$20M in recommendations

The project involved a complete review of the current state of the instrumentation and controls, SCADA and network infrastructure. Desired state recommendations were made in consultation with Region staff through evaluation of industry trends, best practices, published standards and where technology is headed. An implementation plan was developed utilizing a scoring criterion for each of the recommended projects, tasks and initiatives. 10 year capital and operating expenditure plans were developed along with a schedule identifying when each project should be undertaken including identifying where projects were dependent on others and needed to be executed in sequence or where groupings could be identified for efficiency in management and implementation.

The SMP project also included development of an Internet of Things (IoT) framework, a SCADA Infrastructure Use Policy to better plan for the future of technology and how it may impact the existing and planned SCADA infrastructure and how it is used, and a conceptual design for the future of the Region’s Wide Area Network (WAN) for SCADA communications. The final SMP was developed in alignment with a number of key Region initiatives, strategies and plans.

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