Township of Huron Kinloss – Water System SCADA Upgrades

Township of Huron Kinloss

Water System SCADA Upgrades

Eramosa Engineering Inc. was retained by the Township of Huron-Kinloss to provide engineering and SCADA services for PLC upgrades at each of their water sites. The project had a 2-year schedule, no disruption to service and replace Bristol Babcock RPUs and standardized on the Allen-Bradley Logix PLC platform. 

8 remote sites

8 PLCs

$500K design-build

The project included the Ripley PS, Whitechurch PS, Lucknow 4 PS, Lucknow 5 PS, Blair’s Grove PS, Murdoch Glen PS, Point Clark Standpipe, Point Clark PS and Huronville South PS facilities. The scope included the design and supply of new PLC Panels, PCN development, record drawings and SCADA programming and integration with the SCADA system for each site. Eramosa also completed software FATs, attended the PLC Panel FAT and provided on-site commissioning and testing with an Electrical subcontractor to complete the PLC panel installations. The project was completed in 2019.

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