Regional Municipality of York – SCADA PAC Panel Replacements

Region of York

PAC Replacement

Eramosa was retained by the Region to complete the detailed design, tendering, contract administration, site inspection services, and SCADA system integration for the replacement of over 100 Bristol Babcock RPUs in the Region’s water and wastewater facilities. 

$17.5 M

5 construction contracts

125 new control panels

26 sites per year x 4

Region of York - PAC replacement

The facilities currently utilize the Bristol Babcock Network 3000 family of controllers which was announced as obsolete in 2011, thus leaving the Region with an unsupported product. The Region standardized on the Allen-Bradley Logix PLC platform and iFIX SCADA software with the goal of implementing a standardized control system architecture at all their facilities.

This project included a review of each of the water and wastewater facilities to develop a tender package including technical specifications, control panel drawings for the new Allen-Bradley PLC to replace the Bristol RPU, instrumentation upgrades to replace obsolete or non-functioning instruments, radio network upgrades and improvements, contract administration, site inspection services, start up, commissioning, and support services.

Eramosa is also responsible for developing new process control narratives and Process & Instrumentation Drawings (PIDs) for each of the facilities as well as PLC and SCADA programming development, site start up, and commissioning.

Due to the number of facilities involved under the project, construction was undertaken in five (5) stages with completion of the final construction stage in 2019.

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