Region of Waterloo – SCADA Standards

Region of Waterloo

SCADA Standards

Continuing on from a long standing support of the Region’s Water and Wastewater SCADA standards, Eramosa was retained by the Region to update and consolidate both the Water and Wastewater SCADA standards. 

21 sections

7 workshops

UNIFIED standard

The project included a review of the existing standards for both systems to identify commonality as well as areas to bring both systems into harmony where standards differed.  The process was completed through a series of workshops to achieve consensus of numerous Regional stakeholders which ultimately culminated in new and modernized standards for control panels including standardized drawings, Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) Hardware, SCADA tagging, I/O lists, process control narratives, and standard I/O for equipment. 

New standards were created as well including a pre-design checklist to greatly aid in the development of project specific requirements.  The major portion of the standards update included a new PAC programming standard which provided the Region with a common water and wastewater programming standard for the first time. 

Through workshops and factory acceptance simulation testing, add-on instructions were modified and created for pump control, valve control, I/O mapping, duty control, and even standardized auto control routines for pressure, flow, chemical dosing, and level control.   

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