Region of Peel – Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant Administration Building

Region of Peel

Clarkson WWTP Administration Building

The new administration building at the Clarkson Wastewater treatment plant is designed to house the offices for Peel and OCWA staff. Working as sub-consultant to R.V. Anderson, Eramosa is responsible for design of the electrical system and all building electrical details including a 600KW generator as well as design of the new SCADA server racks and corporate racks, building network, security system and surveillance camera dedicated to this building. 

$10 M

3 dedicated networks

6yrs design to occupancy

Region of Peel - WWTP admin building

Under the scope of this project plant SCADA servers are relocated to this new building and existing SCADA fiber ring is modified. As part of the building network design Peel corporate and OCWA network enclosures have been designed to provide connectivity to various networks (OCWA/Peel corporate and Peel SCADA) throughout this new building. 

Our team worked closely with the Region’s SCADA group and other departments to identify the needs of those who will ultimately occupy the building but also those who would provide input to help inform the final decisions down to the smallest details.

The building is equipped with a complete electronic access control system to safeguard the critical network and server infrastructure housed within. 

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