Guelph Wastewater Services – SCADA Asset Inventory & Condition Assessment, Standards, and Master Plan

City of Guelph

WWTP SCADA Master Plan

Eramosa was retained by the City of Guelph Wastewater Services to complete a significant SCADA consulting assignment to develop a SCADA Master Plan, SCADA Standards and complete a SCADA asset inventory and condition assessment.

15 year plan

300+ SCADA assets

60 projects

Eramosa’s approach used four phases to deliver the project. The first phase included a Critical Infrastructure Renewal Plan where the last two years of field issues were reviewed through documentation analysis and staff interviews and the development of metrics for problematic areas. Issues were evaluated with an Engineering Risk Analysis approach to identify worst offenders and a replacement plan including scope, schedule, and budget was created to prioritize rectifying these issues. 

After the first phase, an Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment of all SCADA assets was completed, encompassing nearly 300 assets, over 50 control panels, with a total portfolio worth an estimated $9M. Assets were categorized, installation dates confirmed or estimated, life expectancy projection and replacement timeline completed.

During the Asset Inventory phase, Eramosa completed a full As-Record set of network drawings including topology and architecture. The web based Asset Management System was made available to the City through the duration of the project and included geographic references for the location of assets as well as photographic documentation.

Eramosa then conducted a series of workshops to help City staff identify their needs and desires for the SCADA standards. This workshop led to the development of the draft standards were developed, which included a review of different practices of other Municipality’s from across Ontario.

The final deliverable of the project was then completed, the 15-year SCADA System Master Plan which included full current state, requirements definition and vision workshop, alternative analysis, gap analysis, and project lists including scope, schedule and budget.  The project was completed in 2019. 

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