City of Ottawa – ROPEC Thickening & Dewatering Upgrades

City of Ottawa

ROPEC Thickening & Dewatering Upgrades

The City of Ottawa is upgrading the existing thickening and dewatering processes at the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre to provide improved truck loading operations, address odour control concerns within the facility and upgrade HVAC systems which have reached the end of their usable life.

$17 M

100 control panels

165 I&C drawings

City of Ottawa control panel

Eramosa is responsible for the instrumentation and controls design, network design and SCADA system design. The project involves the addition of 4 new RPU panels, approximately 90 local control panels including 4 console style panels and a new network cabinet for integration into the plant-wide SCADA system. 

The HVAC system was designed to be fully integrated into the ROPEC SCADA system for the entire T&D building area. In keeping with the City’s standards, the HVAC control system consisted of RPU control panels housing Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Process Automation Controllers (PAC) as well as all the I/O signals required for control and monitoring of the HVAC system and mechanical equipment.

Eramosa also undertook the design of the Local Control Panels (LCP) required for the Air Handling Units (AHU), air supply fans and air exhaust fans. Due to the distributed nature of the HVAC system throughout the building, the local control panels contained the electrical starters, local controls, as well as instrumentation wiring of the HVAC devices. The HVAC system also connects to local area thermostat controllers via a BACNET network connection. To improve monitoring and control of truck loading operations, thermal imaging cameras were included in addition to the typical level instrumentation used for this system.

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