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Real Time Control

The City is currently undertaking phase 2 of a real time control strategy to manage wet weather flows within the City’s collection and treatment systems. The Real Time Control (RTC) project was initiated in 2008 based on the needs identified as part of the City’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan. This project is a continuation of phase 1 of the RTC project which was completed in 2012.

8 sites in phase 2


RTC Integration

Phase 2 of the RTC project involves upgrades to a number of combined sewer overflow (CSO) and flow regulator locations throughout the City to reduce peak flows and manage overflow conditions during wet weather events.

Eramosa’s role on the project includes design and integration for the controls, network and SCADA components. Several new control panels will be installed to monitor levels and flows at strategic locations as well as control a number of gates. SCADA system integration will include automated control of several gates based on levels and flows measured at upstream and downstream locations.

New SCADA graphics are being developed in accordance with the City’s SCADA standards to show not only each individual location monitored and controlled within the collection and treatment system but also a number of overview graphics showing all locations with a focus on providing tools which enable operating using situational awareness.

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