Operational Optimization in Wastewater Utilities

Faced with rising performance demands and increased financial constraints, wastewater utilities are leveraging different methods and tools to “do more with less.” This webcast will start with a brief introduction to optimization, including standard definitions of terms, and a summary of concepts. A general context for optimization will be presented for the strategic, tactical, and operational business processes. Methods and practices for operational optimization will be examined in more detail. Harmbetcockmirea . site down Specific, practical examples of operational optimization applied to collection systems and wastewater treatment processes will be demonstrated.


  • Cello Vitasovic, Vice Chair, WEF AIT Committee, MWD
  • Biju George, Interim Director, Greater Cincinnati Water Works
  • Varouj Abkian, Assistant Director, Sanitation, City of Los Angeles
  • Michael Sweeney, Deputy Executive Director, Toho Water Authority
  • Thomas DeLaura, Eramosa International (Moderator)