The Region of Waterloo is upgrading the infrastructure to supply drinking water to Zone 7 in Waterloo and the outlying rural areas in St. Agatha.  As part of the overall upgrades the Zone 7 Booster Pumping Station is being upgraded with an expanded MCC line up, control system and instrumentation upgrade, VFD replacements, as well as various process and mechanical upgrades to improve and expand the capabilities of the pumping station.  Eramosa, along with Gamsby & Mannerow, completed the electrical and I&C components of the upgrade including the replacement of the existing SCADAPack to the Region’s new standard SCADAPack357 and GE QuickPanel View.  Eramosa will continue to assist as the project enters the CA phase through the development of the software for the updated controls of the station. Commissioning is expected to be completed by Spring 2011.