JUNE 2011

Eramosa Engineering was present at the AWWA 2011 Annual Conference and Exposition held this year in Washington DC.  The  four and a half day event was a success drawing a large crowd from across the United States and Canada. During ACE we spent time with the 500+ exhibitors on the trade show floor to learn about new and upcoming products and services available to the water industry.  There were also a number of good technical programs and discussion sessions during the conference.  Of particular interest was the “Energy Management: Major Contribution to Utility Sustainability.”  This session looked at energy cost savings through operational strategies and modifications to systems.  It also reviewed a number of case studies.

Eramosa also participated in the UVA Bay Game, presented by GE Intelligent Platforms.  This is an interactive simulator based on the Chesapeake Bay watershed where you can play different roles such as farmer, developer, watermen, and local policy-makers and see how the decisions implemented impacted their own personal finances, the regional economy, and watershed health.  The UVA Bay game is based on actual environmental data compiled from the Chesapeake Bay watershed thus allowing the ability to see how decisions in the game match real life events and predict results into the future.  The UVA Bay Game is an adaptable educational and learning tool for raising awareness about watershed stewardship anywhere in the world serving as a platform for education, research, and policy applications that bridge the virtual and real worlds for watershed conservation.

To review the conference click here. Kerhodggadthostders . Harmbetcockmirea .