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IBM Smart Water – IBM Collaboration Harnesses Power of Big Data to Help Manage Complex Watersheds

Flooding, fresh-water stewardship along Ontario’s Grand River to be studied

Eramosa is pleased to be working with SOWC to utilize the data that is being collected under the Grand River Watershed initiative to develop the e.RIS Web Services component of our information and reporting software, thus providing the ability to link to remote ‘off-site’ data sets that will then allow our partners to visualize and analyze data from their SCADA systems, LIMS, and other internal data sources with external data such as watershed information, weather and hydro data.  We are excited to have been able to complete the connection to the SOWC watershed data set and are working on a pilot to allow local municipalities and cities to access this information and determine the relationship between watershed information and the operation of groundwater and surface water facilities, as well as wastewater treatment plants.

IBM hosted an International Water and Environmental Knowledge Symposium on June 17, 2014 at which the SOWC work, as well as smart water work being undertaken in the Netherlands and Switzerland, was presented to an invited group of attendees from industry, academia and the government.

For more information on this exciting initiative please visit the IBM News Room at the following link:

We are also pleased to announce that the next  release of e.RIS will be available this summer.  This update features some exciting new features that have been identified by our partners, including:

  • Rule-Based Tag Connectors
  • Attaching New Formats to Scheduled Reports
  • Include Chart Image when Exporting Data into MS-Excel from the Data Query Portlet
  • Added Delta Sampling Mode to Wonderware Connector
  • Data Query Performance Metrics

For more information on e.RIS and how you can become one of our partners please contact:

Clinton Tonge

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Tim Kruse