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Eramosa joins The SWAN Forum

October 30, 2014 – Eramosa Engineering Inc., a leading consulting engineering firm and system integrator for water, wastewater and renewable energy applications, has joined the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN).

Tim Sutherns, President of Eramosa, commented: “Eramosa believes that water is the key resource and challenge facing our generation. Our services support utilities that are working to understand how best to optimize their operations in terms of water treatment and consumption through customer awareness with real-time information, operational optimization through intelligent automation, asset management for extended asset life, and long term planning using data analytics for informed decision making. By joining SWAN, the leading forum in the smart water space, we look forward to working with key stakeholders through close collaboration to ensure the sustainability of water for future generations.”

Amir Peleg, Chairman of SWAN and Founder and CEO of TaKaDu, commented: “We are delighted that Eramosa is joining the SWAN Forum. Eramosa has a long-standing presence in the water industry, working with some of the largest utilities in Canada to implement technology solutions and build Smart Water Networks. We look forward to learning from and contributing to Eramosa’s continued work in the smart water sector.”

Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario (Canada) and with offices in Calgary, London, and Toronto as well as in Detroit, Michigan (USA), Eramosa offers consulting engineering and system integration services in electrical engineering, instrumentation & control, SCADA, information technology, data management, reporting and analytics. Eramosa has over 80 professionals dedicated to the provision of services to the water and energy sectors and are a trusted advisor to many of their partners. Eramosa provides clients with leading edge technology solutions to optimize their business operations at all levels including operations, maintenance and management. Their partner-developed Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS) software provides utilities with the opportunity to turn data into information through web-based visualization, data validation, reporting and analytics.

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