Eramosa International Inc.

Eramosa wishes to thank Mr. Thomas J. DeLaura, Vice-President Eramosa International, for his years of service and help in establishing our operations in the United States as he transitions to providing strategic consulting services to the water industry and sharing more of his time in support of community building efforts in his home town of Detroit, and with charitable non-profit agencies.

Starting with a decade as a municipal employee involved in the very first deployments of SCADA, for over 41 years Tom has managed the planning and implementation of technology, focused and dedicated on aligning technical and business issues for success.  He has had the privilege of working in venues ranging from boardrooms and council chambers to treatment plants, remote facilities, and inside wastewater conveying pipelines. His experience stretches from research and master planning to device maintenance and all areas in between. His skills have helped clients truly leverage technology, by creating environments for the clear understanding of complex subjects, effective collaboration and informed decision making.

Tom has also participated in the water industry as a volunteer and contributor at many levels, from Trustee, Committee Chair, and Conference Chair, to speaker, author, trainer, researcher, and innovator. Tom’s awards from his involvement in these activities have been recognitions of these efforts in appreciation from his peers. His publications number in the many dozens, and he has contributed in manuals of practice, ongoing training programs, conferences, workshops, webinars, and many other venues. He is pleased that his work is often called “entertaining,” as well as informative, educational, and inspirational.

“Tom has been an asset not only to Eramosa, but to the entire water family, having given tirelessly to the work of committees, charities, and to mentoring the next generation of water professionals.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Tom on a project specific basis as he continues to bring value to our partners in their strategic initiatives.” – Tim J. Sutherns, President.

Tom intends to continue working on key strategic initiatives in the water industry through his company DeLaura Consulting, LLC.

Contact Information:

Tom DeLaura, PE.
DeLaura Consulting, LLC
900 Chicago Boulevard
Detroit, MI

Tim J. Sutherns, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Eramosa International Inc.
400 Renaissance Center, Suite 2600
Detroit, MI