Cyber Security – Protecting Your Control System

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Idaho National Lab (INL) Industrial Control System (ICS) Advanced Cyber Security Training in Idaho Falls was recently held back in the middle of February.  The training provides multiple days of theory mixed with hands on labs in a simulated ICS network environment with one day focused on the red team blue team exercise.  The training is meant for anyone who works within the 18 critical infrastructure fields and is meant to raise awareness of cyber security for ICS networks.

Eramosa Engineering was fortunate enough to have a team member accepted to the recent training session.  The INL Lab setup is very impressive, with over 60 computers on the network with a simulated internet, multiple DMZ’s, corporate and ICS networks. It was one of the most impressive training courses that our team has attended.  The first three days provide much insight into the opensource hacking tools that are available using a custom made Backtrack release.  Backtrack is a free Linux distribution that is specifically made for hacking.  For more information click here.

After the red team blue team exercise the INL displayed a new product that they are currently working on called the Sophia Fingerprinting Tool.  This tool is specifically made for the ICS network environment and the tool is only available in Beta format with a full release being scheduled for release later this year in October.

Another software tool that the INL produces is the CSET self-assessment cyber security tool.  A new release is planed shortly with the ability to import Microsoft Visio network drawings – saving time and effort in recreating your drawings.

The INL team has also produced many documents for the ICS industry.  One that is of particular interest is “Common Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Industrial Control Systems”.  Another of the INL documents is “Catalog of Control Systems Security: Recommendations for Standards Developers” which is quickly becoming an industry standard on Cyber Security for ICS networks.

If you are interested in more information regarding the training please click here to go to the ICS-CERT site.  This site also has many additional links and information regarding ICS Cyber Security.

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