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Eramosa Acquires Engineering Group from Westin Technology Solutions to Accelerate Growth in the United States

Press Release – July 2, 2020
Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Eramosa, a North American leader in the provision of SCADA, network, cybersecurity, operational technology, and control systems for the water and renewable energy sectors, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Westin Technology Solutions’ Engineering Group assets effective June 30, 2020. The addition of Westin’s operations in both the United States and Canada will allow Eramosa to accelerate their growth in the United States and further enhance their offerings within Canada. Westin will continue to provide technology consulting services and remain a trusted partner with Eramosa.

“Eramosa and the Westin Team share a common vision,” says Eramosa President Nick Hallas.  “One where providing our clients with exceptional engineering services in the application and adoption of operational technology leads to improved operational excellence and optimization throughout the team.”

Mr. Hallas continued, “We are pleased to welcome the talented and dedicated Westin team members to the Eramosa family. Together, we will be well-positioned to deliver greater value to our customers throughout the water and renewable energy sectors within North America.”

Jeff Burton, Vice-President of Westin Technology Solutions, says, “Joining Eramosa allows us to continue our growth strategy throughout the United States, leveraging the professionals within the Eramosa team, as we continue to pursue new and exciting projects.”

Eramosa and Westin have previously partnered on several large projects and the acquisition of Westin’s Engineering Group further solidifies this relationship in the North American market. The combined strength of over 55 years of corporate experience in this sector provides our clients with extensive experience across multiple technologies.

About Eramosa

Eramosa is a consulting engineering company founded in 1998 to provide our clients with SCADA, instrumentation & control, network, cybersecurity, operational technology, and electrical engineering services. Eramosa has offices in Toronto, Guelph and London, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta and Detroit, Michigan. Eramosa is one of the largest specialized groups offering these services in the water sector.

For more information, contact Eramosa.

About Westin Technology Solutions

Westin Technology Solutions (Engineering Group) provides operational technology consulting services in North America to assist municipalities align their business requirements with technology. Founded in 1981 Westin has offices in San Marcos, California; Overland Park, Kansas; and Markham, Ontario.

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Eramosa Engineering is now an Omron Certified System Integrator!

Eramosa has successfully become an Omron Certified System Integrator. Becoming Omron certified compliments our certification and accreditation with other SCADA and automation products. This will allow us to design and implement the best automation system for each of our Client’s specific needs and requirements. Please visit our Services page for a full listing of all SCADA product certifications and accreditations.

Omron Automation

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CIOReview commends Eramosa’s work empowering utilities with e.RIS

As a leading magazine in the field of technology, CIOReview seeks to assist organizations in filtering through the myriad solutions in the cluttered innovation landscape. As a platform that highlights groundbreaking new methods, e.RIS is a natural fit. CIOReview selected Eramosa as one 2019’s twenty most promising utility technology solution providers. They spoke with Tim Sutherns, Eramosa’s board chair, to get his take on what makes e.RIS different and how it can spur the adoption of machine learning.

When faced with the data storm so many utilities encounter, Eramosa found a solution.

Instead of data islands, e.RIS integrates all organization data, from as many sources as necessary, into one platform. Sutherns says, “…we bridge [the] gap and bring a solution to the market to help make effective decisions.”  

Armed with the power of unified data, utilities can confidently implement cutting edge artificial intelligence tools. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to the efficient, thriving organization.   

Read the article @ CIOReview site →
Download a PDF of the article →

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Inductive Automation – Firebrand Award

At Inductive Automation’s Ignition Community Conference (ICC) 2017 Eramosa was presented the Gold Firebrand Award for Transformative Projects. The winning project was completed for Canadian Solar Solutions and connected numerous systems for a brighter solar future. This project involved working with Canadian Solar to create CSEye — a custom hybrid asset performance monitoring and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) application for the solar photovoltaic (PV) operations & maintenance sector of the renewable power-generating market. CSEye is a comprehensive tool providing value to stakeholders at all levels of the Canadian Solar operations & maintenance group. Ignition provided a customizable application development environment providing full access to critical operational data from various existing SCADA architectures while allowing the project to scale as needs arose. By using Ignition Eramosa was able to solve the problem of disjointed legacy systems, providing a single application environment. The application has several benefits to the project Owner including cost-effective licensing that scales, reliable historical data feeds for near real-time analysis, modern communication protocols such as OPC-UA, Modbus, EthernetIP , Siemens Ethernet, and RESTful web services as well as standardized charting tools, UDT structures and Python scripting for database queries.

Article (Courtesy Inductive Automation)

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Eramosa relocates Toronto office

Guelph, ON, April 20, 2015– Eramosa Engineering Inc., a leading SCADA systems provider within several key markets including water, wastewater, solar, and wind, announced today the move of their Toronto office to new, larger quarters. The shift will accommodate recent staff growth and maintain its presence in the city.

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SMART Data: Preventing data gaps with intelligent PLCs

We recently encountered an interesting challenge when one of our clients needed to ensure that all of their information is being gathered and stored by their SCADA system in the event of a data collection interruption. With a diverse assortment of reporting sites and technologies currently in use, the customer needed a fix that is both reliable for today and into the future. In the end Eramosa Engineering created a robust solution that allows the system to collect and backfill data to a historian during a communication outage without data loss.

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Eramosa joins The SWAN Forum

October 30, 2014 – Eramosa Engineering Inc., a leading consulting engineering firm and system integrator for water, wastewater and renewable energy applications, has joined the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN).

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Smart Water – What does it mean?

We were interested to see the 2014 State of the Water Industry (SOTWI) report recently released by the AWWA ( As people who work on the cutting edge of rapidly changing technology, trends and issues influence the practices and strategies we use to best serve the industry. SOTWI notes that on a scale of 1 to 7, the overall “health” of the industry went up slightly this past year (to 4.6 from 4.5), but the key issues remain  – infrastructure condition, financing,  public understanding, and regulatory compliance among the top ones. It mentions that the industry faces large scale changes in several areas – and cites technology as one of them. Eramosa knows that technology can help, when it is focused on addressing long-term issues, along with performing its day to day roles.

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IBM Smart Water – IBM Collaboration Harnesses Power of Big Data to Help Manage Complex Watersheds

Flooding, fresh-water stewardship along Ontario’s Grand River to be studied

Eramosa is pleased to be working with SOWC to utilize the data that is being collected under the Grand River Watershed initiative to develop the e.RIS Web Services component of our information and reporting software, thus providing the ability to link to remote ‘off-site’ data sets that will then allow our partners to visualize and analyze data from their SCADA systems, LIMS, and other internal data sources with external data such as watershed information, weather and hydro data.  We are excited to have been able to complete the connection to the SOWC watershed data set and are working on a pilot to allow local municipalities and cities to access this information and determine the relationship between watershed information and the operation of groundwater and surface water facilities, as well as wastewater treatment plants.

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e.RIS Adds Several New Features

During the past months our Partners have challenged us to build some exciting new enhancements to e.RIS.  Through lots of hard work and thorough testing, many of the requests are now available.  One of the largest tools developed is a validation module that allows e.RIS Partners to organize tags and group them into batches to be processed.  The tag data is first run through a series of automated validation rules defined to flag data that violates a business rule.  Some of rules include; rate of change variances, frozen value detection, min/max threshold detection, and regulatory/recommended limits comparison. Once the data completes the automated validation processes, users can review the batches in an easy to use calendar view which displays a summary of the tag’s daily values (daily average, minimum and maximum) and the number and types of flags that were set.  If more review and analysis are needed, a visual tool for reviewing and commenting on the data is available to users.  Every review, approval or comment is retained in an audit log.