Energy Efficiency

Electricity Generation and distribution are the backbone of our electrical infrastructure. Major shifts in our electricity structure are making it better distributed, responsive and smarter.

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In 2006 Ontario issued the Ontario Green Energy Act aspiring to make Ontario a global leader in the development of renewable energy, clean distributed energy and conservation. At Eramosa Engineering we understand the need for switching to new, clean sources of power and for sustainable design as well as the requirement for continuing improvement of energy efficiency within industrial processes as the organizations become more aware of the energy consumptions and associated increase in energy costs. As a Canadian engineering company with valuable experience in various SCADA Integration, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering applications, we can offer important expertise that will allow your renewable energy, energy management and smart energy solutions to become a reality. Our flexible team is willing to assist in small group settings or as a value added contributor to a larger team in delivering your project successfully.

Eramosa Engineering offers consulting services that cover each stage of the electrical, Instrumentation and Control, and SCADA integration design and construction process in renewable energy, power distribution, smart metering integration and energy management related projects.

Integrated Control.
Our team of seasoned professionals have valuable experience with the information technology and SCADA tools required to allow for an integrated control of both processes and electrical monitoring. We can break through the barriers that often exist between these systems in order to maximize production while gaining valuable information for energy and cost reduction.

Energy Saving Facilitation and Sustainable Design.
With LEED accredited professionals in our team and experience achieved from previous projects in electrical sustainable design area, Eramosa Engineering is well connected and ideally suited for contributing to an interdisciplinary team working on energy conservation solutions or helping with achieving the LEED certification for your project.

Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Projects.
Eramosa Engineering has the expertise required to work with you through the design and regulatory approval process to assist you in integrating your photovoltaic, wind or bio fuel powered generation system into the existing power grid. We also have the required tools and  experience to help you integrate the controls for the new generation system into your existing SCADA system.

Smart Grid Solutions.
With the increase in renewable energy development the monitoring and control of the electrical grid became a crucial requirement. The introduction of a smart grid everywhere will create a network that will extract new efficiencies from power lines spread over thousands of miles . Our team of experienced systems integrators and engineers have the required experience with SCADA and information technology to allow electrical distributors to maximize the grid potential and increase the safety of the operations.

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