Electrical Studies & Reports

Electrical distribution systems are the lifeline for our municipal systems, providing the power for process equipment to treat and distribute water and to collect and treat wastewater throughout a municipality.

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There are electrical studies that can be undertaken to ensure the protection and safety of the operator and maintenance staff, and to protect the plant equipment from unnecessary damage. This can be accomplished by selectively tripping protective devices such as circuit breakers and fuses in close proximity to a fault condition, thus allowing the remainder of the plant to continue operating without interruption. It is also accomplished by providing information to employees about potential shock and arc flash hazards and information on the required personal protective equipment to mitigate these hazards.

Eramosa Engineering can provide the following services to our clients, during detailed design, or as part of an ongoing preventative maintenance program.

Development of Single Line Diagrams.
These drawings provide information for troubleshooting and are required to be posted in an electrical room under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code Rule 36-006 (5).

Short Circuit & Device Coordination Studies.
Using windows based software, our engineers will carry out a complete field investigation and complete a short circuit analysis to confirm that the correct interrupting capacity is specified for the electrical equipment. At the same time we can undertake a coordination study, providing the settings for protective devices so as to selectively trip equipment close to the fault, thus allowing the remainder of the plant to continue in operation. These studies are performed in accordance with IEEE Std. 399-1997.

Arc-Flash Analysis
To determine the incident potential energy, shock hazard boundaries and arc-flash boundaries for 3-phase equipment, thus identifying the correct personal protective equipment to be worn by those working around or on electrical equipment. The analysis ensures that operational procedures for electrical maintenance are in compliance with NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 standards.

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