Cyber Security

Cyber Security – essential to protecting critical operations
Once separated, today’s water and wastewater operating systems are in close proximity to the internet. Security measures need to provide adequate protection in this evolving environment and we need to demonstrate sufficient safeguards are in place and risk is actively being managed.

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AESI & Eramosa Have Teamed Up
Together we bring you the best in cyber security expertise, system knowledge, practical experience and forward thinking:

  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • System Operations
  • Regulatory Requirements

Cyber security risks come in many forms and are continuously evolving. They can be unintentional or malicious. Management needs to demonstrate due diligence to stakeholders that cyber security strategies and practices are in place—able to defend against and address risks, providing peace of mind.

In order to have effective defensive measures, you need to know your weaknesses. By assessing your Cyber Security Posture, you will gain an understanding of your risks, and identify mechanisms to minimize and mitigate those risks. To provide the most value, we take a holistic approach, looking at people, processes and systems.

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Assessing your Cyber Security Posture

  • Review current cyber security environments, practices, tools and processes
  • Present a dashboard of cyber security posture
  • Identify gaps, issues/risks and potential vulnerabilities
  • Present mitigation recommendations

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests

  • Conduct scans on operating environments
  • Identify cyber security vulnerabilities and severity
  • Conduct ethical penetration/ hacking tests
  • Present findings and remedial actions

Cyber Security Programs Governance/Policies

  • Develop Cyber Security Corporate Governance Program
  • Develop IT/Cyber Security Policies
  • Document IT/Cyber procedures/ practices

Protecting municipal assets from cyber security threats is a business imperative.

AESI, established in 1984, provides engineering and consulting services to the electrical energy industry, including Regulatory compliance services, IT/ Cyber Security Services, and IT Infrastructure, Network and Application Services.

Eramosa is a specialized consulting engineering firm offering electrical, instrumentation & control, SCADA System engineering, system integration services, networking and information technology solutions.

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