Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Region of Waterloo, OntarioEramosa has a long-standing relationship with the Region of Waterloo, primarily in the provision of services associated with water facilities.

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Eramosa worked with the Region to complete required upgrades to the Elmira Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The project included the construction of two (2) new equalization tanks to accommodate the plant under high-flow situations. A new dewatering building was created on site through the renovation of an existing facility with a new vendor package for polymer make up, polymer dosing and centrifuge. Electrical engineering work entailed a new MCC lineup, new controls, and new instrumentation for the entire upgrade. As a component of the overall project, Eramosa also completed the Allen-Bradley SLC and GE iFIX software programming for the equalization tank components of the upgrades.

The Region also committed to upgrading the aeration and the disinfection process at the Kitchener WWTP through the design, construction, and commissioning of UV disinfection and blowers building facilities. Eramosa, as part of CH2M Hill’s team, completed both the electrical, and instrumentation and control design in Phase 1 of the project including upgrades to the existing standby disinfection system. Under the Phase 2 upgrades, Eramosa completed the detailed design and tendering of the general contract and assisted during construction and commissioning. As part of the project, Eramosa finalized the design of the power distribution including the front end and secondary switchgear, instrumentation and control, and the design of the new UV / effluent and aeration facilities into the plant-wide SCADA network. The existing SLC 5/05 based PLC system was also connected into the overall SCADA network.

Waterloo Region upgraded the treatment process for the Residue Management Facility at the Mannheim Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The upgrades included the complete removal and decommissioning of the clarifier process and the installation of two (2) Veolia ACTIFLO units and a polymer dosing system for sludge removal from the plant backwash water. As part of the design team, Eramosa completed both the electrical, and instrumentation and control design. Upgrades included a new 600 VAC motor control centre complete with VFDs, starters, and power distribution for both the vendor supplied equipment as well as the plant ancillary equipment necessary for the process. Eramosa also developed the SCADAPack programming for the ancillary equipment and control of the various vendor packages including an additional sludge condition polymer dosage package and UV disinfection. A major component to the system integration is the coordination required to link various vendor SCADAPacks into the SCADA system to work as a cohesive system.

Other recently completed projects involved system integration services, including connecting the vendor supplied boiler package into the SCADA network, during construction and commissioning of the upgraded digester process at the Preston WWTP. We were also retained by the Region to review the proposed solar PV connection at the Mannheim WTP within the existing electrical grid as part of the Region’s overall initiatives for energy use and conservation. As part of the overall team we were able to make recommendations for the implementation that alleviated the Region’s concerns for the overall operation as well as the health and safety of the systems.

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