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City of Hamilton logoOur team has been involved with the City of Hamilton since 2002 when we were added to the City’s engineering roster for scoped-based services such as electrical, instrumentation & control, SCADA engineering, and programming services.

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The City, along with R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, completed extensive upgrades to the Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Facility which included the high-lift pumping station, filter building, and nine (9) smaller ancillary buildings totaling 5,800 m2. A new, two-storey administrative building addition was also constructed for the water system operators. Eramosa designed, programmed, and commissioned the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and implemented the change-over for the new operations centre. The Woodward plant is Hamilton’s main source of drinking water and could not be taken offline during construction. Complex sequencing was required to keep the plant operational to meet seasonal City water demands, while allowing construction to proceed. The plant is divided into four (4) quadrants, which allowed for one half of the plant to remain in operation, while the other half was removed from service. Construction occurred one half (or module) at a time, with the demolition of the southwest quadrant of the filter building, followed by the northwest quadrant. Once these sections were restored and recommissioned the east quadrants were restored in a similar manner. All existing PLCs installed in the filter building were replaced with new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs along with new control panels built to the new City of Hamilton SCADA Standards. This required that PLC programs be completely rewritten and recommissioned as the existing PLC code structure was not transferable to the new ControlLogix logic platform. A total of five (5) ControlLogix PLCs where installed and commissioned under the complex and demanding construction sequencing.

Eramosa, as a sub-consultant to R.V. Anderson, provided electrical, instrumentation and control, SCADA design services, SCADA programming, as well as contract administration services for the Garth and Stone Church Pumping Station project. Under this task, the station’s existing electrical infrastructure was completely replaced and updated to allow for new transformers, high and medium voltage switch-gear, medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), and 600 V Motor Control Centers (MCCs). As the Garth & Stone Church site is critical to the delivery of water within the district it serves, particular attention and co-ordination of the installation works was required to allow the facility to remain operational while major electrical and mechanical works were completed. Eramosa provided complete SCADA programming, testing, and commissioning services in conformance to the approved process narrative requirements and in partnership and consultation with City operations and SCADA staff.

Since 2002, Eramosa has completed a number of projects for the City including:

  • Upgrades to a remote pumping station to include new UV disinfection along with updated control circuits for both new and existing pump and chlorination units.
  • A recommendation report on how to upgrade or replace the existing synchronous motors, associated power cabling, and controls at a water treatment plant’s high lift building.
  • The replacement of existing standby generators at a wastewater treatment plant with two (2) new 2.7 MW Toromont diesel generators.

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