Regional Municipality of Halton

Halton Region, OntarioEramosa has a long-standing relationship with the Regional Municipality of Halton, providing electrical, instrumentation and control, and SCADA engineering services.

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Halton Region, with a population of 500,000, is responsible for both water purification and wastewater treatment. The following projects highlight the range of assignments undertaken for the Region, and demonstrate our expertise in providing solutions for their water systems.

The Regional Municipality of Halton completed upgrades required to the Fourth Line and Davidson Well fields. Pumping station and process updates included new multi-barrier pre-filtration, upgraded UV reactors, final filtration, vertical turbine pump installation, generator replacement, and the installation of an emergency chlorine gas dry scrubber as well as the associated structural additions. Eramosa worked closely with Stantec to complete the full scale design of the system including new control panels and new SCADA controls. The commissioning process consisted of a multi stage, phased-in migration which was carefully coordinated due to the system’s limited shut down periods. The station sits in a well field that has very limited redundancy. The Eramosa team helped develop the migration plan and the implementation of a new testing procedure with specialized SCADA documentation for intermediate commissioning. This special commissioning workflow allowed the station to remain online for most of the construction and helped ensure water production remained in compliance.

The Region completed a business case study to determine the technical and financial viability of a Terminal Services migration for their SCADA system. They had previously expended great effort in designing a robust SCADA system with near full redundancy. As the system continued to grow, the Region noted the SCADA deployment standard had become extremely complex and cumbersome to manage. Eramosa completed a full review of the existing system and worked with the Region to develop a business case for the migration to a Terminal Services solution. Considered during the migration strategy were all facets of the SCADA system including total cost of ownership over 10 years, system robustness, system maintainability, user experience, and security. Upon successfully completing the business case, Eramosa created a series of technical memorandums, design guidelines, and recommendations as well as network designs which the Region is currently utilizing to deploy the solution.

Eramosa was retained to complete a project consisting of two (2) major components. The first included considerable updates to the Region’s design standards around RSLogix baseloads, a Wonderware baseload application, CAD files, and SCADA design documents and guidelines. The second part of the project was to apply the updated standards to create site specific tender and contract documents for eight (8) wastewater pump stations. These drawings, specifications, and tender documents were used to implement a SCADA and network upgrade for the pump stations complete with new control panels, network connectivity, and control from the Region’s existing SCADA system. Detailed design included specifications of all equipment needed in construction. Field control devices contained new PLC panels, network equipment, field instruments, pump and valve controls, process switches and floats, emergency power systems, and other automated equipment. The upgrade’s intent was to automate all major equipment as well as centralize alarming and event capability across redundant SCADA servers.

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