City of Guelph

Guelph, OntarioEramosa has been involved in a number of projects within the City of Guelph, including upgrades to water treatment facilities, the wastewater treatment plant and sewage pump stations, and with the development of SCADA standards.

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The City of Guelph’s Water system includes a combined thirty one (31) facilities for sourcing, supply, treatment, storage, and transfer to service its population of ~120,000 residents. The following projects highlight some of the successful work we have done with the City of Guelph.

The City drinking water department required a bulk water fill station design that would offer secure, drive-up filling control for water hauler trucks. Eramosa provided electrical, automation and control design services along with programming and data management for the new system. Drivers use magnetic ID cards to gain access to a secure control panel that starts and stops the fill system (open/close filling valve), measures the amount of water dispensed, and then provides a detailed receipt of the operation. Data is moved seamlessly from the Rockwell PLC into a GE Proficy SCADA and Historian. It is then processed by the Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS) to provide invoices for all transactions by customer. The City can now fully document and charge for bulk water sales with their own measurement system rather than relying on haulers to report the amount taken.

Eramosa also completed an assessment of the existing electrical distribution and standby power systems at the F.M. Woods Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and then provided recommendations for both short and long-term updates. The scope of the project included a review of the incoming power redundancy with Guelph Hydro, development of an emergency response plan for the failure of standby power, and training of the operational staff on the configuration of the existing electrical distribution and standby power systems. Eramosa also provided the detailed electrical design and contract administration for the replacement of the main electrical transformer and new generator connection box with 4160 V power. As the F.M. Woods WTP is critical for the delivery of water to the City, particular attention and coordination of the installation works was required to allow the facility to remain operational while the major electrical work was completed.

The City required a backup water treatment and distribution SCADA system located at the Clair Road Tower building. The intent of this system is to provide an online, fully functional backup (third SCADA server) system residing at the F.M. Woods Pumping Station facility. It will provide operational, monitoring, alarming and data acquisition continuity and backup (of the F.M. Woods servers). Should the system at F.M. Woods have a critical failure, the Clair Road system will act as a semi-hot standby for all operational SCADA nodes in the city and allow for 100% business continuity regardless of the length of outage at F.M. Woods.

Guelph is also undertaking upgrades to the Membro Well. The project will include the addition of a UV reactor and associated valving and instrumentation, as a part of a multi-barrier primary disinfection including both UV and sodium hypochlorite. The new TrojanUVSwift 12 reactor, along with its control panel, was connected into the existing treatment and distribution system. Eramosa was responsible for examining the existing electrical and control conditions at the site before initiating work. It was our responsibility to provide the preliminary design, detailed design, product information, tender support documents, and detailed design drawings for the power supply and controls integration of the Membro Well disinfection upgrades.

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