Regional Municipality of Durham

Durham Region, OntarioEramosa began working directly with the Regional Municipality of Durham in 2001 when we were retained by them to complete a Communications System Master Plan for the Plants North Area of the Region.

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The Regional Municipality of Durham is located east of Toronto. Their water supply system services over 600,000 people and contains six (6) surface water supply plants, 18 remote water storage facilities, 17 booster pumping stations, and 28 groundwater wells. They also have 11 sewage treatment plants and 48 sewage pumping stations.

Eramosa has recently completed projects with the Regional Municipality of Durham and has several more in progress. The Region finalized upgrades to the Corbett Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) with new aeration and disinfection systems. Increased raw lift capacity through the addition of new pumps with redundant soft starter and VFD systems was also included. The retrofit also incorporated the implementation of a new high speed fiber Ethernet network to replace the existing serial network. Eramosa was responsible for the PLC and HMI programming of the new systems as well as the commissioning of the network infrastructure and upgraded controls.

The Region also retained Eramosa to complete the detailed design, tendering, contract administration, site inspection services, and SCADA system integration for the replacement of their Bristol Babcock Network 3000 RPUs and associated control panels at the Newcastle WPCP. The facility utilized four (4) Bristol Babcock Network 3000 family of controllers, which was officially obsolete in 2011, leaving the Region with an unsupported product. The Region recently standardized on the GE RX3i PAC platform and iFIX SCADA software with the goal of implementing a standardized control system architecture at the facility. This project included a detailed review of the existing facility control wiring to ensure the capability of maintaining existing field wiring where possible and only replacing when necessary. The overall plant review process was completed to develop a tender package including technical specifications, control panel drawings, instrumentation upgrades among many others.

Eramosa has partnered with R.V. Anderson Associates to upgrade the Harmony Creek WPCP. Work includes construction of a disinfection facility that consists of a sodium hypochlorite dosing system, a sodium bisulphite dosing system, and a chlorine contact tank. Control of the new disinfection facility will be performed locally via a PLC in the system’s control panel, to be installed in the disinfection building. Eramosa is responsible for programming the disinfection system control panel PLC as well as minor updates to the PLC in the boiler building including control of the scum pumps based on level.

Durham Region recently completed the development of their new SCADA standards. As a result, the existing water SCADA system, including PLC hardware and SCADA/HMI software, is being upgraded to meet the new standards. A migration from GE 90-30 PLCs, Bristol Babcock Network 3000 RPUs, Control Microsystems TeleSAFE and SCADAPack RPUs to the GE PAC RX3i is required. Reprogramming of the control software to implement the new software programming modules is also necessary. A fully distributed SCADA system with redundant server/network hierarchy is to be implemented at the plant level, as well as a higher overview level, to link with the Region’s entire SCADA system. The project is scheduled to be finalized in 2018.

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