City of Red Deer

Red Deer, AlbertaEramosa has been working with the City of Red Deer since 2011 on upgrades to the SCADA system at the City’s main water treatment plant.

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The City of Red Deer, Alberta operates one (1) water treatment plant to provide potable water to residents of the City and surrounding areas. The City draws its water from the Red Deer River which, as part of the Red Deer River Watershed, serves over 100,000 residents in the area.

Eramosa, as subconsultant to Associated Engineering, was selected to complete improvements to the existing facility which included multiple upgrades to the PLC and SCADA system. Our team was responsible for sections of the instrumentation and control design, development of process control narratives (PCNs), network design, control panel layout design, plant programming standard, PLC and SCADA programming, and commissioning to replace the legacy PLC and SCADA equipment. For the instrumentation and control work, Eramosa completed various upgrades to the instruments using PROFIBUS to integrate them. The team also provided technical input and review of the designs used.

During the engineering design, Eramosa finalized all of the PLC and iFIX programming required for the upgrades, resulting in a fully integrated plant and a standardized programming approach. As part of this methodology, Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) standards were created for the City.

The existing centralized PLC equipment was designed to be substituted with a distributed PLC system to create multiple points of redundancy within the system. The legacy centralized Allen-Bradley PLC5 controls were replaced throughout the water treatment plant with eight (8) distributed ControlLogix PACs. These are used to regulate filters and high lift pumps as well as the chemical, HVAC, and electrical systems. The new controls were also integrated into the UV, Actiflo, polymer, potassium permanganate, and powdered activated carbon vendor systems. This deployment represents 650 field I/O points with 73 PROFIBUS devices.

For the SCADA upgrades, multiple redundant SCADA servers and a Proficy iFIX historian to house the iFIX database of approximately 14,000 SCADA tags with 1,000 historically logged tags were added to the facility. As an interim step to help prepare for the system update, a conversion and upgrade of the existing plant Proficy iFIX SCADA system to the latest version was completed.

Functionality was also improved through the installation of Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS) software. This allows staff to generate reports and data queries to present historical process data in a multitude of ways. As well, e.RIS uses custom code to embed e.RIS Alarm Explorer into iFIX so that alarms and events can be rendered within the HMI.

Networking tasks included adding new routers, securing the system with McAfee security software, network monitoring services, and cyber security upgrades. A redundant fiber optic ring network and Sixnet industrial network switches were also included. The team employed terminal server technology for a multiple monitor setup in the control room and remote thin client nodes in the plant. This included integration of the video wall into the new control room layout.

Eramosa also completed design and construction administration, start-up and commissioning services. As well, there was extensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Software Acceptance Testing (SAT). The final completion date for the project was early 2016.

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