Eramosa involved in three CEO Award Winning projects

Eramosa Engineering is excited to announce that our team was part of three winning projects in the 2015 Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) awards. These three awards brings Eramosa’s total CEO award count to seven.

The 2015 Ontario Consulting Engineering Awards Gala was held on April 18, 2015 at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON. The awards are in their 13th year and they are designed to recognize engineering firms that have provided leadership and innovation to improve the quality of life in Ontario and around the world. The event also marked a special occasion as CEO is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

This year, Eramosa was part of the teams recognized for their work on these three projects:

  • The Award of Excellence (1–25 employees) for the R. E. Poisson Engineering Inc. – Campbellville Well House Upgrades.
  • The Award of Excellence (51–100 employees) for the Associated Engineering – Oakville Water Purification Plant (WPP) Retrofits.
  • The Award of Excellence (51–100 employees) for the Hatch Mott MacDonald – Keswick Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Expansion.

“Our team is pleased to have been involved in these three projects with our partners in the consulting engineering industry and with our municipal partners for which these projects were completed. After being awarded our first CEO Award in the inaugural year, I am thrilled that our team continues to be involved in leading edge projects that are recognized by our peers as exceptional examples of engineered solutions,” said Eramosa president Tim J. Sutherns.

Project Details

The Campbellville Well House Upgrades project was an improvement of the entire site to one that is more efficient and that fits within the quiet neighborhood where it is situated. As part of the upgrades a noisy backup generator that was outside the building was moved inside. Eramosa was responsible for the electrical design, including the required co-ordination study, design of the 600V wiring from the generator, as well as the lighting and power supply for the new generator building. Eramosa also completed the instrumentation and control design, and the SCADA system design and integration.

The Oakville WPP project implemented major upgrades, completed in two phases over the last decade, to the 100-year old plant. For the project, Eramosa finalized the electrical design for the filter area as well as instrumentation and control work for the whole upgrade. New SCADA work throughout the facility was also added. An extremely detailed and coordinated start-up of the high lift, low lift and filtration process areas was required during Phase 2 work. Previously, eight filters were operated from nine controllers (one master + eight independent filter controls). This was streamlined to two controllers each with a bank of four filters assigned to each controller. Eramosa also developed commissioning specific control programs for the new controllers. The commissioning programs have unique set points and alarms written from critical controllers so they can maintain process interlocks when non-critical controllers may or may not be in service as a result of the upgrades. Flow control was moved from Actiflo valves to new low lift pump Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) with the control loops reconfigured accordingly. The design also included VFDs on two new backwash pumps to allow for full backwash pump redundancy and full control of backwash flow rates. Motor control centers were upgraded to accommodate the new filter area 600V loads.

The Keswick WPCP project provided upgrades to the plant which sends treated effluent into Lake Simcoe. Eramosa was the SCADA system integrator on behalf of the contractor. Four new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) were programmed by our team complete with a GE Proficy iFix HMI/SCADA application. As well, two existing Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PACs were reprogrammed complete with a GE Proficy iFix HMI/SCADA application. Eramosa was also responsible for integrating eight vendor PACs into the iFix SCADA system in addition to coordinating software development and testing with six different vendors. Maintaining plant automatic operation and SCADA monitoring throughout the five-year project presented a challenge which was overcome through constant coordination with the Region’s PCS group.

To view in-depth articles about these award-winning projects, please see the Awards page.

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