Eramosa involved in three CEO Award Winning projects

Eramosa Engineering is excited to announce that our team was part of three winning projects in the 2015 Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) awards. These three awards brings Eramosa’s total CEO award count to seven.

The 2015 Ontario Consulting Engineering Awards Gala was held on April 18, 2015 at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON. The awards are in their 13th year and they are designed to recognize engineering firms that have provided leadership and innovation to improve the quality of life in Ontario and around the world. The event also marked a special occasion as CEO is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Read more ›

Eramosa relocates Toronto office

Guelph, ON, April 20, 2015– Eramosa Engineering Inc., a leading SCADA systems provider within several key markets including water, wastewater, solar, and wind, announced today the move of their Toronto office to new, larger quarters. The shift will accommodate recent staff growth and maintain its presence in the city. Read more ›

SMART Data: Preventing data gaps with intelligent PLCs

smartDATAWe recently encountered an interesting challenge when one of our clients needed to ensure that all of their information is being gathered and stored by their SCADA system in the event of a data collection interruption. With a diverse assortment of reporting sites and technologies currently in use, the customer needed a fix that is both reliable for today and into the future. In the end Eramosa Engineering created a robust solution that allows the system to collect and backfill data to a historian during a communication outage without data loss. Read more ›

Eramosa joins The SWAN Forum

October 30, 2014 – Eramosa Engineering Inc., a leading consulting engineering firm and system integrator for water, wastewater and renewable energy applications, has joined the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN). Read more ›

10 Years to the Finish Line for MS

Every year, over 10,000 Canadians strap on their helmets and mount their trusty metal steeds; hitting the road together to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Canada has the highest rate of Multiple Sclerosis in the world, known more commonly as MS, it is an inflammatory disease that damages nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord causing motor, visual, sensory and autonomic problems. Read more ›

Smart Water – What does it mean?

We were interested to see the 2014 State of the Water Industry (SOTWI) report recently released by the AWWA ( As people who work on the cutting edge of rapidly changing technology, trends and issues influence the practices and strategies we use to best serve the industry. SOTWI notes that on a scale of 1 to 7, the overall “health” of the industry went up slightly this past year (to 4.6 from 4.5), but the key issues remain  – infrastructure condition, financing,  public understanding, and regulatory compliance among the top ones. It mentions that the industry faces large scale changes in several areas – and cites technology as one of them. Eramosa knows that technology can help, when it is focused on addressing long-term issues, along with performing its day to day roles. Read more ›

IBM Smart Water – IBM Collaboration Harnesses Power of Big Data to Help Manage Complex Watersheds

Flooding, fresh-water stewardship along Ontario’s Grand River to be studied

Eramosa is pleased to be working with SOWC to utilize the data that is being collected under the Grand River Watershed initiative to develop the e.RIS Web Services component of our information and reporting software, thus providing the ability to link to remote ‘off-site’ data sets that will then allow our partners to visualize and analyze data from their SCADA systems, LIMS, and other internal data sources with external data such as watershed information, weather and hydro data.  We are excited to have been able to complete the connection to the SOWC watershed data set and are working on a pilot to allow local municipalities and cities to access this information and determine the relationship between watershed information and the operation of groundwater and surface water facilities, as well as wastewater treatment plants. Read more ›

e.RIS Adds Several New Features

During the past months our Partners have challenged us to build some exciting new enhancements to e.RIS.  Through lots of hard work and thorough testing, many of the requests are now available.  One of the largest tools developed is a validation module that allows e.RIS Partners to organize tags and group them into batches to be processed.  The tag data is first run through a series of automated validation rules defined to flag data that violates a business rule.  Some of rules include; rate of change variances, frozen value detection, min/max threshold detection, and regulatory/recommended limits comparison. Once the data completes the automated validation processes, users can review the batches in an easy to use calendar view which displays a summary of the tag’s daily values (daily average, minimum and maximum) and the number and types of flags that were set.  If more review and analysis are needed, a visual tool for reviewing and commenting on the data is available to users.  Every review, approval or comment is retained in an audit log. Read more ›

ITA Announces New Executive Director

Eramosa is pleased that the ITA has welcomed Eramosa International’s Vice President Tom DeLaura, PE as the new executive director.  We are excited that the industry will continue to benefit from Tom’s work to promote and further organizations such as ITA, AWWA, WEF, and ISA and that Tom is able to be in a leadership role with these organizations while continuing in his key role at Eramosa.

Please join in welcoming Tom DeLaura to ITA!

ITA’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas J. DeLaura, P.E. of Detroit Michigan as ITA’s Executive Director. Read more ›

Eramosa Opens Toronto Office

Eramosa Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of our Toronto office to provide a more local presence for our clients in the GTA and Eastern Ontario. Our intention is to be able to provide shorter response times, local support and availability through our new office to our key clients. Read more ›

Eramosa Opens London Office

Eramosa Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of our London office to provide a more local presence for our clients in southwestern Ontario.  Our intention is to be able to provide shorter response times, local support and availability through our new office to our key clients. Read more ›

NIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.0

On February 12, 2014 NIST released the Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.0 and an accompanying Roadmap document.  The following excerpts are taken from the NIST web site – – and we recommend that all of our partners review the information contained within these documents. Read more ›

MWEA / MI-AWWA Joint Expo and Operators Day

February 4-5, 2014
Lansing Center

big dataJoin Eramosa at the Joint Expo and Operators Day where you will find our team on site, ready to discuss big data with you and how you can leverage the information you are collecting to make decisions regarding optimization, address regulatory reporting requirements, and help your team to make informed decisions using a community based reporting and information system – e.RIS: eramosa reporting and information system. Read more ›

AWWA Board of Directors Appointment

We are pleased to announce that Pete Samson, P.Eng. has been elected to the Board of Directors for the American Water Works Association. The AWWA is Dedicated to the World’s Most Important Resource and the Vision of the association is a better world through better water. Harmbetcockmirea .  With core principles such as the pursuit of excellence, safeguarding the environment and protecting public health while fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry the association primarily seeks to achieve these ambitions through developing water policies, standards and leadership, knowledge creation and exchange at conferences and technical sessions, and membership development through value add services. Read more ›

Water & Analytics – 2014

Our industry never ceases to amaze in terms of the pace at which change occurs.

We have seen incredible changes in treatment technology and processes as we strive to continue to reduce the risk in our drinking water systems and eliminate contaminants being introduced into streams and lakes from our wastewater treatment plants.  Over the last number of years we have also seen new technology introduced that puts data into our hands instantly that used to take a tremendous amount of time to collect and present.  As we move forward the words ‘big data’ and ‘analytics’ are being used on a regular basis.  Terms that describe how we are going to take the incredible amount of data that we can gather, how we will analyze it and ultimately how we will put the information that is created into the hands of the right people at the right time to make the best informed decisions they can.  What does 2014 hold in store for our industry – at least on the technology side of things?  We can expect more change, more ‘new technology toys’ that our team will be looking at to see how they align with our partners business requirements and thus how we can leverage new technology to benefit the water industry in the years ahead.  Read more ›