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e.RIS Introductory Videos

Alarms & Events

The ability to quickly and easily develop a list of alarms and events that are sorted by tag allows a maintenance team to rapidly address the most problematic alarms in a SCADA system, thus reducing potential nuisance alarms for the operations team.

Creating a New Report

Simply create reports using e.RIS. No programming skills are required. Drag and drop desired objects such as charts and tables, filter and select database tags, and configure their presentation from drop down menus. Full report configuration rights are available to all users, assignable by the administrator.

Querying Data

Using the Ad Hoc Query tool enables users to quickly and easily access and view data without worrying where the data is stored.


Users can setup preconfigured queries to display charts and tables. The data is refreshed each time the page is accessed.

Exporting Raw Data

The data query function facilitates a simple export of raw data into XML, CSV/Text, or Excel using a drop down list of queries.

e.RIS Instructional Videos

A General Tour of e.RIS

A page-by-page overview of the Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS).

Manual Data Entry in e.RIS

How to create manual data entry tags and forms in e.RIS. How to set up the Data Entry page and manually enter values.

Alarms & Events in e.RIS

How to configure the Alarms & Events page and the Critical Alarms page by creating Alarms Groups and Views in the Administration menu.

Creating Tag Limits in e.RIS

How to create a tag limit which displays results in blue if the value is less than a certain number and in red if greater than a certain number.

Adding a Calculated Column in the e.RIS Report Designer

How to add a calculated column to a report design. The distinction between calculated columns and calculated tags.

Creating a More Complex Calculation in e.RIS

How to create a calculation which compares a data value at midnight to the daily average of the same tag and adjusts the midnight value depending on the result.

Creating a Simple Calculation in e.RIS

How to create a simple calculation which takes the values from one input tag, multiplies them by 10, and publishes the results to an output tag.

Adding Alarms & Events to Reports in e.RIS

How to add an Alarms & Events object to an e.RIS report, select a table, choose columns, and create expressions to filter results.

Introduction to the e.RIS Data Query Page

How to perform and save a simple query, how to export to Excel, and how to change display settings using the e.RIS Data Query page.

Creating a Simple Report and Adding Comments with e.RIS

An introduction to the e.RIS Report Designer, including: how to create a simple grid in a report, how to comment on a report, and how to make comments appear on a report.