Partner Spotlight – Red Deer Water


The City of Red Deer Water Plant provides potable water to residents of central Alberta including Red Deer, Red Deer County, and the North Red Deer Water Services Commission (NRDRWSC). The NRDRWSC includes the City of Lacombe, Lacombe County, Ponoka County, the Town of Blackfalds, and the Town of Ponoka. It was estimated in 2011 that within all these locations there are approximately 115,000 residents who rely on the Red Deer water supply.

With the recent upgrades to the plant, the water intake capacity has increased from 90 to 120 ML/d. The upgrades included improved fish screenings and a bypass capability. The chlorination system was upgraded to reduce hazards from the use of gaseous chlorine for disinfection. The raw water, heating systems, and chemical systems were also replaced to increase capacity and improve functionality.

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The City chose the Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS) to replace the current system and utilized Eramosa’s industry knowledge to create a cost-effective implementation. The upgrade involved the installation of two (2) SCADA servers that act as the primary and secondary database, one (1) terminal server, and one (1) historian server with Microsoft SQL Server with the existing historian files being migrated into it. The e.RIS server was installed to meet the reporting needs of the city.

As a result of the plant upgrades, many new reports have been generated. Column-based reports were designed such as compliance alarm, ultraviolet reactors, chemical feed rate, filter effluent water quality, filter particle count, filter turbidity, raw and treated water, and raw water diversion.

Innovative Collaboration

The benefits of e.RIS are the capacity to manage and analyze various data and its accessibility. The plant operator or administrator can open e.RIS on every SCADA node across the plant. Each SCADA node is using terminal server technology, via the remote desktop protocol, to access a web browser to log into e.RIS. The e.RIS capability to store iFIX alarms and have it embedded into the plant’s iFIX HMI is useful to easily navigate and filter alarms.

Operators can input manual data entry values for alkalinity, hardness, chemical clarifier, Microsand, treated water log inactivations, waste stream testing, and miscellaneous lab data. With advanced calculations and data manipulation for filter particle count and ultraviolet reactor flow, dose runtime, and volume, drinking water quality is evaluated consistently to make sure treated water distributed to residents is safe.

The reporting tool has been a significant resource for process analysis, process optimization, and further decision making to meet regulatory requirements. The City recognizes the tremendous benefits and future opportunities that e.RIS provides.

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