Partner Spotlight – York Region Validation


The Regional Municipality of York stretches north from Toronto to Lake Simcoe and includes many hectares of protected Greenbelt. It covers an area of 1,762 km2 (680 square miles). The Region is home to over one million people.

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Partnering Success

As part of a large Regional effort to create a centralized reporting data warehouse containing information from all service areas, York Region partnered with Eramosa to develop a new Data Validation module for e.RIS. The module is being used to publish validated water and wastewater data collected daily at more than 300 locations throughout the Region’s service area.

The e.RIS Validation Module is configured to collect a complete day’s data from each predefined SCADA tag and then group the data into batches based on the Region’s own work structure. The data is then run through a series of automated validation rules designed to flag values that violates any one of the Region’s business rules for each specific type of data being validated.

Examples of business rules include:

  • Rate of Change – flag any value greater or less than a configured amount than the previous interval.
  • Frozen Value – flag any value that is consistent over a configured number of intervals.
  • Min/Max Threshold – flag any value under/over the minimum/maximum instrument range.
  • Regulatory/Recommended Limits – flag any value that violates a regulatory or recommended limit.
  • Bad Data – flag any value where quality is not 100%.

After the automated validation process completes each day, Region staff review the batches using a summarized view of the daily values including daily average, minimum, maximum, and the number and types of flags that were set (if any). If more review and analysis are needed, a visual tool for reviewing and commenting on the data is available to users. Every review, approval, or comment is retained in an audit log. Once validated, the data is used by Region staff in preparation of regulatory reports, operational analysis, and billing.

By implementing the validation process, the Region now has a consistent and repeatable method to manage the large volume of data produced by operations each day. By decreasing the validation time, additional data points can be added thereby increasing the benefit to more end users.

To find out more about e.RIS, contact:

Tim Kruse
Canada: 519.763.7774
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