Partner Spotlight – Petoskey Water


Petoskey is a small community of just over 5,500 overlooking picturesque Little Traverse Bay in northern Michigan. This four-season resort community owns and operates seven (7) drinking water production wells each with a pumping capacity of 1,000 gallons (3.78 cubic metres / 3,785 litres) per minute. Approximately 1.8 million gallons (6,813 cubic metres / 6.8 million litres) of treated drinking water are produced on a typical day. Three (3) storage reservoirs and 80 miles of water distribution networks serve approximately 3,400 customers. The Petoskey Department of Public Works treats about 1.1 million gallons (4,163 cubic metres / 4.1 million litres) of wastewater per day with a system comprised of 50 miles of collection pipes, 24 lift-pump stations, and a 2.5 million gallon (9,463 cubic metre / 9.4 million litre) per day capacity treatment plant.

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Eramosa partnered with the City of Petoskey to address the monitoring and reporting requirements of its water and wastewater systems. Originally piloted as a demonstration program, Petoskey officials quickly saw the tremendous benefits of replacing their existing commercial off-the-shelf information management system with the Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS). As leaders in the field of water and wastewater reporting, Eramosa was able to leverage its expansive industry experience to provide an efficient, low-cost implementation for the community of Petoskey.

e.RIS is now used by Petoskey’s water division to produce its Monthly Operating Report and the wastewater division uses it to produce its Discharge Monitoring Report. Not only does e.RIS allow Petoskey’s operators and managers to quickly and easily retrieve archived monitoring data, it also provides exceptional flexibility through its manual data entry application. This allows Petoskey to replace hand-written laboratory bench sheets with secure, time-stamped records providing enhanced transparency and vastly greater ease of retrieval.

Innovative Collaboration

e.RIS is providing such benefit to this small community that Petoskey hopes to expand its implementation into new areas in the coming years. Plans are in the works to integrate e.RIS into the Fire Department to facilitate the collection and retrieval of data for its hydrant inspections. In the long term, Petoskey officials are seeking to expand the use of e.RIS even further beyond their water and wastewater divisions. Given the power of the solution, its flexibility to connect to just about any data source, and the overall low cost of ownership, Petoskey recognizes the tremendous benefits and future opportunities that e.RIS provides.

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