Our Partnership model grew out of a desire to provide a method of visualizing the mountain of data collected daily as more than just individual data points. Instead, we wanted to be able to provide valuable information. Something that can be used to drive decisions with respect to daily operations, system optimization, and the management of multiple systems in a single organization.

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Eramosa has been providing engineering and system integration services for over 15 years. During this time we have spent countless hours developing custom reports using tools that were not always designed for that purpose and which were often only capable of reporting on SCADA historical information. Out of necessity to find a better way to address reporting and information processes came the desire to develop a proprietary software solution which has become e.RIS. This solution acts as a virtual data warehouse by centralizing the access point instead of the data. e.RIS can bring together SCADA historian data with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), manual data, and other structured and unstructured data sources without copying the data into a physical data warehouse.

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What our Users are saying about our products…

e.RIS Partners - Centre Wellington“e.RIS has provided us with an excellent operational data review platform. Critical events, such as a low chlorine residual, are quickly reviewed using the data query function. This function easily transfers data from a selectable timeframe, with any desired related parameters, into an Excel spreadsheet for a detailed review. Further, staff are able to capture and display comments in all reports using the specific data, which document the cause of these events, such as calibration or maintenance work.”

– Karen McMillan, B.Sc., Environmental Support Co-ordinator, Centre Wellington.

e.RIS Partners - York Region“The implementation of e.RIS was achieved at low initial and on-going cost. The migration of our reporting system was easily accomplished resulting in an enterprise SCADA reporting tool that is faster and easier to configure than traditional OEM SCADA solutions with direct access to our operational data.”

– Michael O’Meara, Support Systems Specialist, York Region.

e.RIS Partners - Halton Region“With e.RIS as our enterprise SCADA reporting tool, we have been able to work with our regulatory agency to cut our inspection times in half. Report configuration skills have been easily acquired by our operational team: the initial trainees have trained our internal staff tripling our user base to over 60 users.”

– Mike Linschoten, Operations Support Co-ordinator, Halton Region.