e.RIS – community edition

e.RIS - Community Edition
e.RIS community edition is our entry-level reporting software. It offers clients the ability to manage, analyze, and report on information within their SCADA system in a straightforward way.

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Capable of interfacing with the most popular SCADA historians, e.RIS community edition can be used to create reports and graphs, view alarms, and generate data exports utilizing an accessible interface designed for plant operations staff.

The SCADA historian database is read directly, enabling real-time access to data as it is captured. This approach provides access to all your data as opposed to data warehouse solutions where only a limited subset of summary daily values is available. Data from different areas of your facility and systems can be easily combined into a single report, table, or chart. Our user-friendly report builder lets even novice operators design custom reports to present your data the way you want it. e.RIS community edition is also web based. This removes the need to install software on all your organization’s computers while allowing remote users to connect to critical information via their favourite mobile devices.

Our most popular reporting features are:

  • Easily configured and shared reports. No advanced programming skills are required. As well, our clients pass on their knowledge to become their own internal trainers.
  • Alarm and Event reporting. Explore alarm and event information sorted by site or priority level to eliminate nuisance alarms and to report on compliance alarms.
  • Scheduled Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and report delivery via e-mail.
  • Configurable user rights with the ability to define distribution and report sharing groups. You can also control access to the configuration of critical compliance reporting.
  • Compliance reporting features including report commenting, audit trail, and electronic report sign-off.

e.RIS community edition is our entry level solution. It leverages open source platforms and tools such as:

  • The Eclipse Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) Engine and the Eclipse Designer is used to enable complex in-report calculations, calculated data, and a broad suite of reporting features including dashboard reporting. BIRT is a top-level software project inside the Eclipse Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit consortium of software industry vendors within the open source community.
  • The Liferay Portal (Liferay) is an open source user interface portal platform for building enterprise solutions that deliver immediate results with long-term value.

e.RIS community edition is currently available as a free download. The e.RIS community edition does not include technical support or access to our e.RIS Partners community. Organizations using this edition will have to educate their own e.RIS experts using our technical documents.

Clients that need a more advanced reporting and data management solution, including support and additional features, should consider e.RIS enterprise edition.