Understanding Big Data

The challenge no longer lies in how to produce data, it rests in how to understand it. In the world of automation there have traditionally been islands of data. By intelligently coupling some or all of that data in meaningful ways we can gain valuable insight into process systems that was never before possible. At Eramosa, we have listened to the needs of industry and have taken the time to develop a powerful tool called the Eramosa Reporting and Information System (e.RIS) that can help unlock your big data.

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Work With All Your Data In Real Time

With e.RIS, you no longer have to analyze your data within the limited silos of individual systems. It can now be brought together into one meaningful format that allows for the visualization and understanding of your important data. Input from different areas of your enterprise and from different systems can be easily combined into a single report, table, or chart. All this is done without copying your data or implementing a complex and expensive centralized data warehouse. Also, since the connections to your data are direct, near real-time data is available for reporting and analysis. Users are no longer limited to a subset of summary or daily values, but instead have access to all data from the source systems. e.RIS can even connect to legacy or out-of-production systems making the data within these applications valuable without a costly data migration into a new system.

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